Facebook Fights: Not So Thankful ThanksgivingShanna was not a fan of her family on Thanksgiving, so she decided to vent about it on the one social media platform her family uses.
Barrett's Thanksgiving ConfessionalThanksgiving was full of surprises for Barrett, who was hopped up on cold medicine.
Celebrate Thanksgiving With These 'SNL' SketchesYou got to celebrate the holiday with this classic sketches!
POLL: New Englanders Prefer Frozen Turkeys, Stuffing, & Want Thanksgiving With Meryl Streep"Almost half of those in the Northeast (48%) say their favorite part of Thanksgiving is spending time with family and friends."
Thanksgiving Take OutTake out for Thanksgiving? Smart or sacrilege?
Three Lies To Tell Your Mom: Talking TurkeyPrank your family around the Thanksgiving table this year? Amber has some ideas...
When’s The Best And Worst Times To Travel In Boston This ThanksgivingBefore you pack up the minivan and hit the road this Thanksgiving, you should consider these Boston "Travel Tips” directly from Google.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Desiree from RevereCan Desiree beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Three Lies to Tell Your Mom: What Happens In VegasAndrew just got back from Las Vegas, a city which his mother hates.
Did Your Mom Ever Go Crazy Cleaning Before Holiday Company?A mom has gone viral for blocking off her living room after cleaning it for the holidays.
Jessica's Thanksgiving UpdateHow did Jessica's unwanted Thanksgiving proposal go? She called into Karson & Kennedy on Monday morning to give us an update.

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