Can't Beat Kennedy: Friday 5/19Can Lindsey, Ben, and Christine beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 5/15Can Allison, Kim, or Dan beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Thursday 5/11Can Mo, Angela, or Patty beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
The Sports Hub's Jim Murray Missed Gronk's Surprise Appearance!The Sports Hub's Jim Murray from the Felger & Mazz show was sent to Washington, D.C. yesterday to cover the Patriots's visit to the White House.
EXCLUSIVE: Karson & Kennedy Talk With Dylan Wagner; 19 Year Old Who Helped FBI Recover Brady's Stolen JerseysThis morning Karson & Kennedy got the full story from Dylan Wagner, the 19 year old Seattle-based Patriots fan whose tip led the FBI to recovering both of Tom Brady's stolen Super Bowl jerseys in Mexico.
Karson & Salt Take On Red Sox Opening DayHear Salt's hilarious conversations with Boston and Pittsburgh fans before the big game!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Abby From WellesleyCan Abby beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Atlanta Zoo Names Cockroach 'Tom Brady' After Losing Super Bowl BetAtlanta zoo loses bet with Providence zoo, names newborn after Tom Brady.
Gavin DeGraw On Tom Brady: "He Became A Legend During That Game"Gregg and Freddy sit down with Gavin DeGraw to recap Super Bowl LI, talk red carpet jitters, and more.
Would You Pay $1,000 For A Tom Brady Autograph?Tom Brady is fresh off his 5th Super Bowl win and 4th MVP award and he would be happy to give you his autograph... for the price of your mortgage payment.
Karson, Kennedy & Salt Hit The Streets For The Patriots Parade!Karson, Kennedy & Salt spent the day yesterday down at Whiskey's on Boylston St. for the Patriots Parade & ran into some very interesting fans.
Salt Finds Tom Brady Fan with Unusual TattooThis gentleman's love for our quarterback, Tom Brady was so strong, that he felt the need to express it in tattoo form...

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