Can't Beat Kennedy: Brenna from SouthieCan Brenna beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Casting Call: Trivia MasterSalt is auditioning for a new job as a trivia host.
Kennedy's Cubs QuizSee if Kennedy can figure out what was happening in history the last time the Cubs won the World Series.
Find Out Who Won Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes!Who broke the tie for the title this morning? Team Kenzia or Team McTager?
Ultimate Battle of the Sexes: Day 4!Was #TeamStupidBoys able to tie it up?
Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes: Day 3!Find out how today's fierce competition played out!
Ultimate Battle Of The Sexes: Day 2!Find out which team took the lead!
Karson and Kennedy's Ultimate Battle Of The SexesWhich team will win the chance to be serenaded by the other at Mixfest?
China or Florida Headline Trivia GameKarson reads headlines while Kate and Salt try and figure out whether the story is from China or Florida.
Producer Mike Asks His Coworkers Some Independence Day QuestionsAnd they did not fail to deliver!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Jack Lally From BrocktonCan Jack beat Kennedy?
Can't Beat Kennedy: Michelle From WeymouthCan Michelle beat Kennedy?

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