Don't Post That On Facebook!Someone at a family gathering selfishly made an announcement asking everyone to avoid posting any pictures of them! Wasn't that such a rude thing to do?!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 6/19Can Mary Beth, Ruth, and Nicky beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Shakira Unveils Intoxicating "El Dorado" Album Cover & Release DateIt's rumored that Gwen Stefani could be on the album!
Katy Perry's "Bon Appétit" Single Cover Is Frighteningly GreatThe track comes out tomorrow!!
Katy Perry's Next Single Looks To Be "Bon Appétit," Could Drop This Friday!Hopefully we'll be getting a new Katy track soon!!
Samsung Burned A Dude Who Tweeted Them A Dick Pic JokeWatch out Twitter! Samsung doesn't mess around
True Love! Photo Of Husband Keeping His Isolated Wife Company Is Going ViralWhen you see this photo you will understand why it's going viral
Netflix Quote Tweeted Shady Hulu Tweet And Said "Welcome To Your Tape"Some people thought the tweet went a bit too far, but it garnered over 159K retweets!
Can't Beat Kennedy: Cayla From PlaistowCan Cayla beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
And they've taken to Twitter to vent their rage... Intern Dan reports...
CUTE ALERT! A 3-Year-Old Went To Meet The Pope And Stole His Hat“It’s exciting! I’m sure every godparent would love for their godchild to meet the Holy Father."
"I Am Social Media" -- Lindsay Lohan Is Back With Her New Reality Series 'The Anti-Social Network'"I've decided to dare people to really question how much their social media is worth. I am really good."

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