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15 Seconds Of Fame – Shane Curran | Summer

Last night our 15 Seconds of Fame featured artist was from Randolph, MA, tonight, we head across the Atlantic to Ireland. Check out an impressive cover of Calvin Harris’ Summer by Shane Curran, who plays all the instruments on this one! Give […]


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Pearl Jam Sings: “Let It Go”

Eddie Vedder, father of two tween daughters, rocks it hard while showing his softer side.



This Guy Shot an Entire Music Video on His iPhone While Trapped in an Airport [VIDEO]

Talk about making the most out of a bad situation! Richard Dunn found himself alone and stuck in the McCarran Airport in Las Vegas when he had an idea: ‘Hey, why don’t I make my […]


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Alex Preston Sings Fairytales On Kelly And Michael

In case you missed it, our buddy Alex Preston hung out with Kelly & Michael today. Alex played his original song Fairytales and received rave reviews from both hosts. “You are CRAZY good,” Kelly Ripa […]


This picture taken on March 21, 2014 shows a life-sized "Transformer" model on display in a yard in Jinan, east China's Shandong province. A group of farmers in China has undertaken an unusual hobby: building life-sized "Transformer" models out of second-hand car parts, some as tall as 12 metres high.   CHINA OUT     AFP PHOTO        (STR/AFP/Getty Images)

This “Human Transformer” Will Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

Transformers continue to be some of the coolest toys around, blowing kids’ minds for generations and continuing to make jaws drop today. But you’ve never seen one of these things in real life – until now.


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Cat Saves Kid From A Vicious Dog Attack [VIDEO]

Erin O’Malley: I saw this yesterday morning & thought “WOW! Ninja Kitty!” But, the video has taken on a life of its own-even making it on the national evening news.


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Alex Preston – Top 3 American Idol Performances. [Plus More Exclusive Behind-The-Scenes Video]

See Alex Preston’s American Idol performances from Top 3 episode | Get all the links to VOTE for Alex!
| Exclusive behind-the-scenes Idol video shot on Matthew Reid’s iPhone!


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Video Dirty on the 30: What is Miley “Poster Child for Good Health” Cyrus Smoking?

On this week’s Video Dirty on the 30: – Miley Cyrus is back on her Bangerz tour after a health scare. A lot of people blame it on drugs (Salt thinks it’s sizzurp!), but Miley […]


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Video Dirty on the 30: Rihanna Goes Nude and J-Law Gets Hammered

On this week’s edition of Kennedy’s Dirty on the 30, Rihanna is naked, J Law is hammered and Nick & Knight are official!


A woman, suffering from Alzheimer's disease, holds the hand of a relative on March 18, 2011 in a retirement house in Angervilliers, eastern France. (AFP PHOTO / SEBASTIEN BOZON)

Watch a Man With Alzheimers Regain His Speech When He Sees The Family Dog

This video will surely warm your heart, and serve as another reminder of why dogs are the best. A man stricken with Alzheimers disease miraculously regains his speech when interacting with the family dog.