True Love! Photo Of Husband Keeping His Isolated Wife Company Is Going ViralWhen you see this photo you will understand why it's going viral
Where Do You Hide From Your Kids?Where do you hide from your kids?
'Ice Ice Baby' Birth Announcement Couple From Melrose Calls InKarson and Kennedy hear from the happy couple!
Viral Video: Who Ate The Cupcake?Meet Jack, the adorable toe-headed toddler who insists he did not just eat a cupcake, despite evidence to the contrary.
#Trending: Baby's Reaction To Seeing Parents For The First Time"Picked up her glasses. Went out to eat and put them on her," Piper's mom, Jessica Sinclair writes in the video post. "Her reaction melts my heart."
#Trending: Couple Announces Pregnancy By Parodying Britney Spears In Viral VideoJarred and Machel Green are huge Britney Spears fans, so why wouldn't they announce that they're expecting a "Baby One More Time" with a montage of Britney Spears songs.
Did This Woman Steal The Spotlight On Her Sister's Big Day?Do you think this move was appropriate?
Music Video Addresses Parenting Problems: "Mommy Daddy Time" Is ScarceIt seems like once you have kids, there's never any time to be alone. And once the kids are in bed, you're too tired to do anything else.
Julian Edleman Takes It Old School In New Video
Trending: #WeStillComing - Mistakenly Invited Strangers Crash WeddingOne bride realized that when texting wedding details to guests, that it's best to double check the phone number you're sending messages to. One wrong number text ended up turning into virtual hilarity that is now taking on a viral twist online.
Cat Saves Kid From A Vicious Dog Attack [VIDEO]Erin O'Malley: I saw this yesterday morning & thought “WOW! Ninja Kitty!” But, the video has taken on a life of its own-even making it on the national evening news.
Should Karson Be Scared To Sell Pictures Of Barrett Online?Karson has caught the photography bug, and something happened to him over the weekend that he originally thought he would have liked...but in actuality he is kind of creeped out!

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