War of the Roses Marathon: Glory DaysHope and Jay were married just over a year ago, but it looks like the 7-year itch might have come a little early.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Come Into My OfficeCasey's husband Jay is spending a lot of time at work, but she thinks his boss might be working him late for her own "special project".
War Of The Roses: Craigslist Situations WantedWhat do you do when you think your boyfriend has answered a "situations wanted" Craigslist ad? Call for Shelly!
War Of The Roses: Nanny CamTanya is concerned about her husband's coworker crossing the line. But did <em>she</em> cross the line with her investigative technique?
War Of The Roses Marathon: When I'm Away, Does The Cat Play?Gina has been working away from home a lot lately and she's worried that someone else is keeping her man warm at night.
Brand New War Of The Roses Update!We talked to Adrienne who caught her man Benji sneaking out to Vegas for a bachelor party under the guise of a business trip, because he thought she wouldn't let him go.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Ready To GoTim is concerned that his girlfriend Adrian might be a little "flirty," but she might be more like "easy."
War of the Roses Marathon: He Should Have Tried The Little Blue PillColleen and Tony are trying to have kids, and things were going strong in that department until Tony pulled his team off the field.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's HotStefanie's hubby Tony has been tasked with finding a new babysitter for their son. Is he being a little too hands on with his interviews?
War Of The Roses: Liar LiarMegan thinks that her boyfriend Matt is a little too close with his ex. Let's find out is she's right!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not The Ending We Were Hoping ForNicole is ready to bust her husband for cheating.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Caught Left-HandedSarah's boyfriend Danny went away with the guys, but she's afraid he came home with more than just memories.

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