war of the roses

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War Of The Roses: Who’s My Plus One?

Lindsay has been dating Tim for about a year, but she thinks the end is near. Will this call reveal he’s already started on a new beginning?

Mix 104.1–22 hours ago

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War Of The Rose Marathon: “High Sticking”

Jillian’s husband Gregory has turned her into a hockey widow. But after we make the call will he be put in the penalty box?

Mix 104.1–07/28/2014


War Of The Roses: Da-Da-Da-Da-Da, Not Lovin It

Sara ran into her boyfriend’s ex the other day and she said he’s a dirty cheater. Is she right or just a little bit crazy?

Mix 104.1–07/25/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: Loopholes

Cara thinks her boyfriend Chase is going to pop the question, but will we question his rules of engagement?

Mix 104.1–07/24/2014

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War Of The Roses Marathon: The Pet Sitter

Amanda has been dating Jess for a few years, but a call from the pet sitter may have her in tears.

Mix 104.1–07/23/2014

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War Of The Roses: Is It Really Just A Booty Call?

Meghan has some concerns about her new man Darren. She’s concerned she might just be a booty call–could she be right?

Mix 104.1–07/22/2014


War Of The Roses: Alright, Alright, Alright

Douglas is concerned that his girlfriend Valerie is getting distant. Will we find a chick in man’s clothing?

Mix 104.1–07/17/2014


War Of The Roses: The Daughter

Kim’s boyfriend Jeff has been getting calls from a girl named Sophie and it has her concerned. But it might not be for the right reasons.

Mix 104.1–07/17/2014


War Of The Roses: Shacking Up

Shannon & her husband are going through a tough time financially that has them living apart, but she’s afraid he’s taking advantage of his host’s generosity.

Mix 104.1–07/14/2014


War Of The Roses Marathon: The Co-op

Courtney’s husband William came home from a business trip with some items that weren’t his. Or were they?

Mix 104.1–07/11/2014