War Of The Roses Marathon: Ready To GoTim is concerned that his girlfriend Adrian might be a little "flirty," but she might be more like "easy."
War of the Roses Marathon: He Should Have Tried The Little Blue PillColleen and Tony are trying to have kids, and things were going strong in that department until Tony pulled his team off the field.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Don't Tell Mom The Babysitter's HotStefanie's hubby Tony has been tasked with finding a new babysitter for their son. Is he being a little too hands on with his interviews?
War Of The Roses: Liar LiarMegan thinks that her boyfriend Matt is a little too close with his ex. Let's find out is she's right!
War Of The Roses Marathon: Not The Ending We Were Hoping ForNicole is ready to bust her husband for cheating.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Caught Left-HandedSarah's boyfriend Danny went away with the guys, but she's afraid he came home with more than just memories.
War of the Roses Marathon: Time and a HalfJulie's husband has been working a lot of overtime, but she's not seeing it on the bank statement. Is he hiding money or hiding some honey?
War of the Roses: Where Everybody Knows Your NameAngela and Tony have been dating for a while, and they have a favorite bar. But another woman taken Angela's stool?
War Of The Roses: Alright, Alright, AlrightDouglas is concerned that his girlfriend is getting distant. Will we find a chick in man's clothing?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Three's A CrowdJustine thinks that her boyfriend might be stepping out with her best friend. But it seems like Justine might be the one to blame.
War Of The Roses Marathon: She's Just a FriendJoe's current girlfriend Kara wants to know if his ex is being more than just a friend.
War Of The Roses: Tinder Goes Up In FlamesSteve just proposed to Dana. Dana just saw Steve on Tinder. Will this engagement go up in flames?

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