war of the roses

War Of The Roses Marathon: Please Be Very Quiet For UsHeather's boyfriend Jim has been distant lately and she's worried there is someone else. However, when Shelly calls, you won't believe who answers.
War Of The Roses Marathon: And You Say He's Just a FriendLaura thinks her boyfriend Gene is growing distant. Has she been placed in the friend zone?
War Of The Roses: At The Car Wash YeahNo good deed goes unpunished.
War Of The Roses: Amazon Dot What?Casey's hubby Carmen has been ordering lots of gifts from Amazon. Problem is...they aren't being delivered.
War Of The Roses Marathon: The B-LineLisa's husband Steve strayed 10 years ago and she's worried that he's back to his old ways.
War Of The Roses Marathon: "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun"Kristen is worried that her boyfriend Aaron is looking elsewhere for love. Will our call have her seeing double?
War Of The Roses: Sister, SisterChrissy is worried her man's eyes are wondering.
War Of The Roses Marathon: One RuleLaura thinks her boyfriend Doug is spending too much time at the office. Is he working at his desk or playing under it?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Florence & The Mad DreamNick's girlfriend Alliah is a nurse. He's worried she might be giving more than TLC.
War Of The Roses: Christmas FailRebecca's boyfriend Scott declined her invitation to spend Christmas with her family. Where did he find the Christmas spirit? Let's find out!
War Of The Roses Marathon: The Elephant In The RoomKatie says that when she and her boyfriend Jesse go out, his friends whisper behind her back. But are the voices just in her head?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Sister SisterTina thinks her sister's fiance is being untrue. But is she putting her nose where it doesn't belong?

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