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MBQ: If I Had More Free Time, I’d __________?

New study came out that says how much free time the average person has and what they do with it. Here’s how it broke down: 10.  Listening to, or playing, music, 7% 9.  Gardening, 7% […]



MBQ: What’s The One Thing You Wouldn’t Give Up Even If You Were Broke?

New poll asked people, “What’s the one thing you wouldn’t give up regardless of your financial situation?” #1 on that list? Their Internet! Pets, smartphones and cable TV are all on the list. Hello, what […]


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Samuel L. Jackson’s Dramatic Take On “We Are Never Getting Back Together” By Taylor Swift

Gotta hear this audio of the great Samuel L. Jackson channeling Taylor Swift during a visit to our friends at Captiol FM in London! It’s a dramatic, and entertaining, reading of We Are Never, Ever, […]



Coldplay Sing Rihanna’s We Found Love [audio]

Mega-MIX Artist, Coldplay blew away BBC1 listeners at a special private performance with their take on the number one song in America this week, Rihanna’s We Found Love. Give it a listen and tell us […]