Would You Take Breaks From Your Marriage?What do you think of Pink and Carey Hart's arrangement?
War Of The Roses Marathon: I Feel PrettyCassie thinks her bestie's husband Brain is a little too flirty with her. Will he send roses to his wife, to Cassie, or someone else?
War Of The Roses: Online SweetheartSometimes war gets real and when Sara calls us about her hubby Chase, it is the realest.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Cookies Like CrackMary's husband Ron didn't hang up the phone in a recent conversation.
War Of The Roses He's Having A BabyBridget thinks her boyfriend Cody's ex wife is trying to move in on her man, but we find out that she might already be in the house.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Shoot To ThrillTommy is worried his wife Jessica might be playing more than online games with another guy.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Having My BabyThink a mother-in-law calling in to war is a good idea? Nope, it's a great idea!
Karson's Sex ApologyWe can't even explain this, you just have to listen.
Do You Hide Money From Your Spouse?Hear Kim's taxing story.
Would You Pick The Gender Of Your Baby?Chrissy Teigen and John Legend did, and now they're receiving backlash for it.
War Of The Roses Marathon: Suggested FriendsAlli was on Facebook and saw a "suggested friend" that looked a lot like her husband. Does he have a double or a double life?
War Of The Roses Marathon: Little Red CorvetteMary's husband Scott got a new car. Is he having a mid-life crisis or a mid-day rendezvous?

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