How Do You Deal with a Snoring Spouse?Does your significant other snore?
War Of The Roses: I Think He's MarriedRebecca has been dating Matt long distance. When she went to Chicago to visit him, she found out its not "her kind of town."
I'm a Dumbass: The Wife's Opening Day Work EventChris putting his foot in his mouth with his wife's boss.
Ways Not To Save Up for an Engagement RingClearly he is not ready for marriage!
I'm a Dumbass: Vacation NightmareInstead of booking Disneyland Austin booked a College Spring Break...
Making "Plans" with Married FriendsDo you see your married friends? Or if you are married do you make time for your single friends?
I'm a Dumbass: Drone DisasterColby bought a drone for his son, but broke it before giving it to him.
A Freudian Slip at WorkHave you ever called someone by the wrong name?
War of the Roses Marathon: Happy Birthday to YouElyse and Billy have been married for 10 years and have hit a bit of a rough patch. Has he found someone else to smooth it out for him?
Kristen and Matt Have Some Big News For Kristen's MomThey did something HUGE without telling anyone in either of their families.
Karson Is Putting His Foot Down!Should he stop drinking his favorite past time drink?
War of the Roses Marathon: Shacking UpShannon and her husband are going through a rough time financially that has them living apart. But she's afraid he's taking advantage of his hosts generosity.

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