Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 9/18Can anyone beat Kennedy this week? Can YOU?
Here's A First Look At Katy Perry's 'Witness' Tour!The singer shared some videos of what fans can expect from the show.
Can't Beat Kennedy: Tuesday 8/1Can Amy, Simone, or Kelly beat Kennedy. Can YOU?
Katy Perry Crowd Surfed At Glastonbury Festival"Sitting here, enjoying some fries in disbelief that I just played a show to about 100,000 people at @glastofest."
Can't Beat Kennedy: Monday 6/26Can Justine, Abby, or Kylie beat Kennedy? Can YOU?
Katy Perry's Next 'Witness' Single Is "Save As Draft"The track has been rumored to be about her ex-lover
Is This Proof That Katy Perry's "Save As Draft" Is About John Mayer?Earlier this year Mayer wrote a track about Perry, is this her response to "Still Feel Like Your Man?"
Witness Describes Scene Of Colorado Shooting

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