Karson & Kennedy Talk "A Day Without Women"Who couldn't get by without you?
War Of The Roses: Awkward BrunchColleen was in for a rude awakening when she stayed at her boyfriend's house.
Faux 911: Frozen Wiener FightHere is a Faux 911 call concerning a situation involving a bag of hot dogs, a man, his girlfriend, and his son.
She'd Be Nothing Without HimHe broke the cardinal rule and discussed politics with a family member! It's a heated race this year...even without the gender card.
Would You Let Your Boyfriend Live With A Girl?How would you feel if your boyfriend decided to move in with a hot girl?
Thoughts On Bruce Jenner's DecisionHear what the morning show and our listeners had to say about Bruce Jenner's decision to transition.
A Woman With An AllowanceDoes your spouse give you an allowance? How do you feel about this woman getting one from her husband?
Jeopardy Knows What Women WantKarson and Salt play the controversial Jeopardy audio for Angie C, to see if she thinks the questions were appropriate.
War Of The Roses: Who's The BossAliza wants to take charge of her relationship with Jason, but she's about to find out who's really the boss.
Karson Got Into A Little Car AccidentKarson got into a car accident last night. It was a fender bender that he claimsย was "not his fault" and that the other person was "crazy".
War Of The Roses: Da-Da-Da-Da-Da, Not Lovin ItSara ran into her boyfriend's ex the other day and she said he's a dirty cheater. Is she right or just a little bit crazy?
War Of The Roses: eUNharmonyKarlynn is concerned by some mail she found when paying bills. Will her boyfriend Jason have an explanation or will he strike out?

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