Inspiring Video: 40 Year Old Deaf Woman Hears For The First Time

I’ve got two minutes of AWESOME for you! Joanne Milne has been deaf since birth. This video shows the moment her cochlear implants were turned on and she heard for the very first time. Joanne […]


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Daughter Sues Parents For School Tuition Money

A girl claims that her parents kicked her out two days before she finished high school, and now she has to pay the rest of her high school bill, and now her college tuition, so she’s suing them.

Mix 104.1–03/04/2014


Wicked Wake Up Call: Surprise Delivery

Darlene gets a call from Alicia Love regarding answering the door in inappropriate attire for a recent pizza delivery.

Mix 104.1–02/13/2014

Mix 104.1

Rumor Has It: Bieber Edition

Producer Mike found a girl named Katie the other day, so he tried his hand at getting her to believe some rumors that are 100% true and not false in any way.

Mix 104.1–01/30/2014


Salt Gets A Strange Request From A Listener

Salt got a message on Facebook from a woman who’s leaving the country in a few days, and wants to hook up before she leaves!

Mix 104.1–07/11/2013

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Most Beautiful Woman In The World: Gweneth Paltrow

People Magazine has named Gweneth Paltrow it’s “Most Beautiful Woman In The World” for 2013. The 40 year old mother of two said she was definitely not expecting it, telling Billy Bush, she thought they […]


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Science Says Women are More Angry, Grumpy, and Hostile When They Wake Up Than Men

Ladies, we’re not saying you should use this as an excuse to be hostile and miserable in the morning. But you could.



Karson’s Kissing Question

Somehow it came up on one of the last shows that Karson keeps his eyes open sometimes when he kisses his wife, Lana. Kennedy and Salt think its ridiculous that he does this because, let’s be real, not many people do. Where do you stand with this?

Mix 104.1–11/19/2012

War Of The Roses Marathon: Love And Other Drugs

Colleen puts Tony up to the War Of The Roses test to make sure another woman isn’t coming in between her marriage. It looks like there is a lot of love and “other drugs” going on in this War of the Roses!

Mix 104.1–11/19/2012


Hulk Hogan Sex Tape Scandal

Recently, sex tape has been leaked of Hulk Hogan and his best friends wife. It has caused a lot of controversy and he has even gone on Good Morning America to explain the situation. This […]

Mix 104.1–10/10/2012